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It’s all in our name. Did you know? Curantis in Latin means Caregiver

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Keeping safe this winter with Curantis Healthcare

Keeping safe this winter ….with Curantis Cold temperatures can be very dangerous to vulnerable people. Not only do they increase the likelihood and severity of flu and respiratory problems, but being cold also thickens the blood and increases blood pressure. This can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Age UK (2015) stated that

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Stand up for people with Dementia

She was the life and soul of every party. Her presence brightened every room and her positivity, support and unconditional love has enabled me to live a full and meaningful life so far. The diagnosis and seeing her deteriorate since then has torn our family apart on every level, and the excitement of Christmases gone

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A message from our service manager

Many people see care planning as a bureaucratic exercise, they think that you can carry out a care plan and it’s a box ticked. They couldn’t be more wrong. It’s an opportunity, one of many, to see and sit with the person who you will be providing care and support for. To converse, to find

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