Whether you’re looking for extra support around the home for a loved one, a friendly face to call upon for a chat and coffee or help when errands need to be run, Curantis has a team of professionals ready to step in and help out.

We offer the following:

If you’re currently caring for a loved one and require some time off from your care related duties, our team of professionals are here to help. As a carer it’s important that you can have time off to look after your own health and wellbeing whilst confidently knowing that the person you’re leaving is in the very best hands.

We are here to help improve the lives of those individuals suffering from life limiting illnesses.  Our team of experts provide the very best care plan, designed to provide relief from the physical and mental stress a terminal illness can cause.

We believe in all our service users being able to feel safe and secure within their own homes and reminding independent for as long as possible. Our Condition Led Care enables people with certain illnesses to remain living freely, as our care workers are specifically trained to deal with challenges associated with specific conditions.

Our team of experts offer specifically created care plans, for a loved one to help with the recuperation following an illness or surgery. 

We are here to ensure that enough care is provided to meet the needs of the individual.

We can help in the day to day caring of individuals.  From getting up in the morning, bathing and getting dressed right through to getting undressed and into bed in the evening.

We can offer our service users someone to help them prepare for the evening, from bathing and getting undressed and into bed to staying with the client overnight so they are also on hand for the morning routine.

Every once in a while clients may require that little bit extra.  Whether a family member is having some respite or the client is returning home after a stay in hospital and needs some help readjusting to home life, our carers’ are on hand to offer a 24 hour service.