Dementia care is a specialism, and here at Curantis we know the happiness of the individual is paramount.  That is why we have fully trained staff who are experts in dealing with the disease.

Does your loved one have difficulty handling complicated tasks, such as organising shopping or household chores?  Have you noticed an increased change in mood and behaviour?  These are just a few symptoms of dementia and need to be handled in the correct way when considering the possibility of a carer.

Curantis Staff, follow a POSITIVE PERSONAL CARE PLAN, put in place for each and every person who is being looked after by Curantis. The rights to maintain their dignity and remain independent whilst contending with the disease are very important to us.

If your loved one is struggling living with dementia, we will ensure that they still have the right to choose for themselves when they are able. They may be struggling, but they can still make some decisions. They can choose what they want to wear for example whilst at home. They can decide what meal they want to eat; the possibilities are endless, when you have the right care in place.